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So you have heard all the hype about Australia's mining boom and think its time to cash in and make some money. Even if you have had no experience in mining and wouldn't know the difference between a Bogger and a Reclaimer there are a few things you can do to give yourself the best opportunity to get hired.

Firstly you have to decide which area within mining you would like to gain employment in. These can be broken into four distinct sections.

Catering and Services

This area employs staff from cleaners to chefs with no experience really necessary. The roles are based both on site and at the village and involve the cleaning of rooms, office blocks, toilets and kitchens. These roles usually attract longer rosters being 2 weeks on 1 week off or even 4 weeks on 1 week off during construction phases. Although not paying the best, due to the long times on site you can usually save your money as all meals and accommodation are paid for.

Operations, Processing and Services

Operations involve the running of mobile plant. This area includes truck drivers, front end loader operators, excavator operators and any other heavy machinery be it surface or underground.
Generally speaking, if you want to get a start in an underground operation without any experience you are going to have to start your way from the bottom. This means applying for a role either as a service crew technician or drilling off sider. After you have done your time and learnt the ropes you can then graduate into a mobile plant role such as a bogger operator or truck driver. On the surface it can prove difficult to get a start operating machinery without prior experience. There are usually limited trainee ships and these tend to be given to people who have a direct contact within the industry.

Process operators tend to be more involved with fixed plant operations such as the running of processing plants, crushers, conveyors and mine services. Generally Process operators have had prior experience in mining and have been given the opportunity through time in the industry. Usually if you have a qualification in mineral processing which is a Cert 2 you can get a placement.

Maintenance, Construction

The maintenance and construction department has the highest demand for employees in mining. These roles are for tradesman including Mechanics, Electricians, Fitters, Trades Assistants and Boilermakers. Due to the massive labour shortage in Australia some areas within the trade sector are paying massive remuneration. It is not uncommon for an entry level tradesman to enter mining with no experience and collect a $100,000 pay cheque. If you do have experience the sky is the limit and if you specialise in a field for instance like electrical instrumentation you can collect very tidy pay cheque in excess of 140k.

Although sort after highly, being a tradesman does not always mean you will get a placement. Employers want their departments to provide 100% availability on plant and equipment and they can only get this from experienced tradesmen. Beginning a career with a small tier mining company is usually the best way to get your foot in the door.

Engineering, Management

Within this area you will find Mining Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Environmentalists, Metallurgists, Geologists and Surveyors. These groups of people generally have control over the mine and its operations due to their higher education and skill set. Getting a start within this area usually involves company run graduate programs, placements are longer term and more career focused.


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