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Machinery Operation/Driving
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Typical career bonehead.

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Chops on Frogs Leg Tuesday 10th of May 2016

A place only for the desperate, this is an unholy pit of despair, backbiting, political bullshit and wankery. Avoid, avoid, avoid. No matter what, you do not want to work for these blood sucking leeches. It was pretty fucked under La Mancha apparently but I can vouch that the new owners - Devolution - are a whole new level of shitbag. I have never before worked in such a thoroughly incompetent operation. Safety is a joke - worked for some top tier organisations over your career? Well, according to these morons, all that 'safety stuff' those top tier operations do is a waste of time. We don't need that stuff around here because we only employ smart people and we only work smart. Then you have a look in their incident system and it's page after page of blatant safety fuck up that would never be able to occur on one of those top tier sites. Fuck me, when I picked up on that - on my second week - I knew it was time to make a plan and get out of this place.

The mill sounds the same, if the operators are to be believed over there.

Bottom line - there are much better sites, with better gear, better ground, better support staff and better pay - this place is toxic - don't fall for it.

Chops on Cometvale Tuesday 10th of May 2016

Not currently in operation but when it last was, man, this was a haven for the desperate, the destitute and mainly the druggies. Never have I seen such a collection of scum crammed together in one place. I did a week, having had a hankering for some old school underground work. What a joke this was.

Chops on Darlot Tuesday 10th of May 2016

Not a bad place, I enjoyed it - spent a couple of years here. Used to get more than it's fair share of decent chicks with low standards and also - pleasure of pleasures - while I was there a couple of cleaners who would do room visits after hours. Hand relief was quick, professional and $20. Headjob $50 "Till its done". Nothing compared to a site in Asia (whole new level of room service) but for a battered and weary underground bloke, most welcome. Good wet mess too. Underground Superintendent was a cunt - we're talking early 2000's - you know who you are. I saw him smile once, it frightened me that bad I had a strong urge to leap out the nearest window. Otherwise, a good place to work, one of the better ones.

Chops on Fosterville Tuesday 10th of May 2016

Joke site. Filled with inbred Victoria sheep fuckers who are physically and mentally incapable of performing in one day the equivalent output a Westralian can manage in sixty minutes. Ground was ok-ish and yeah sure, pretty enough place to live but fuck me, the doughy chicken heads they had working there back then were amazing.

Bendigo has got plenty of sluts though, that was one thing.

Chops on Higginsville Tuesday 10th of May 2016

Was here with ACM, not a bad place. The wettie was brilliant - the best I've seen yet. ===moderated===. Client was okay, not a bunch of pricks. Mind you, it was pretty fresh when I was there with that new car smell still on it. Ground wasnt too bad.

Chops on Nifty Copper Operations Tuesday 10th of May 2016

Ha ha ha, just like everyone else, circumstances lead me to a short stint shiftbossing underground at Nifty in 2014. Nifty is proof that the only thing Indians understand is curry. Nifty is not so much a mine as it is a pantomine. Zero safety standards, zero attraction and with a mad rip tear bust mentality that meant they were continually chasing their tales in circles. So of course the underground shit itself, was only a matter of time. So many dopey green cunts, without fuckall to their names and I'm supposed to make fucking operators out of them? Half of them were dank sheep fuckers, the rest were twenty something year olds with a couple of tribal tuff stickers, more attitude than a fifteen year old girl and a complete aversion to actual work. Did my head in.

Chops on Rosebery Tuesday 10th of May 2016

Just finished up a year here (contracting) and it was great. I'm impressed with MMG's business model - it's very slick - run like nothing else I've ever seen. The client is hard nosed but fair and at least knowledgeable. I love working with West Coasters - crusty fuckers all of them but they understand the value of pacing yourself. It's a hot mine - really fucking hot - and you have to find that sweet spot in your work rate so you can run through the day at a steady output. Rip tear bust and you will most definitely bust. The mine does not have a good plan for heat management and I can only see that getting worse. Other - wiser - places would have installed a surface chill plant years ago. So that's only going to get worse but apart from the (unpleasant but manageable) heat, not bad. The ground is soft, plastic stuff. It's predictable. Lot of lead, so you better not be a grubby cunt or you'll be leaded out of the mine in no time and if you're with the contractor well, that's the end of you then. I lived in Rosebery for the time I was there as I've good friends on the west coast and this gave me a chance to catch up. The odd trip to Burnie for the sluts (Burnie is thick with them) and I found a regular root in Rosebery with a bird from the bakery that had all her teeth and a symmetrical face. Wasnt an exclusive but hey, I could give a fuck, it was a moist warm hole and that's all that counts.