Clint Jasper

Clint Jasper

Primary Job: 
Trades and Technicians
Biographical Information: 
Electrical instrument technician. Been involved in mining for 17years.

rated sites

Clint Jasper on Agnew Wednesday 4th of April 2012

I worked at the Agnew mine in 2006 developing the paste plant system. The camp is located in the township of Leinster which houses other mine sites in the surrounding area. The induction were pretty intense and were held over 2 days. I liked the camp as they internet in every room and were pretty comfortable. They do not have a wet mess at camp anymore but there is a local tavern in town. The Agnew mine site was ok to work at as they are a long established mine. Would work there again

Clint Jasper on Mt Weld Friday 19th of April 2013

Mt Weld is really great place to work. The people were all great to work with which is rare on a mine site. I think in general they have got most things right to make a place enjoyable to work with. Good people, good machinery, solid work practices and when everyone helps out the place really gets going.
You stay at the Granny smith village which is ok. I think Lynas were building one soon.

Great place good roster definitely a winner

Clint Jasper on Utah Point Port Hedland Monday 26th of August 2013

The Utah point expansion project is located at stockyard two right next to the BHP Billitons ore handling plant. The stacking reclaiming system is still in construction phase and will help double their output. Construction workers were housed at the Landing camp grounds which are a series of caravans decked out inside with modern amenities. The project was really good to work on. Plenty to do and being so close to Port Hedland you were able to make use of the facilities in town.