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JBarker on Golden Grove Saturday 16th of September 2017

I worked at the Grove as one of the first employed before construction was finished. Great site, really good people and camp. Nice to see its still going as the plant was first commissioned in 1990.

JBarker on Renison Bell Saturday 16th of September 2017

Worked at Renison when Metals x refurbished it and restarted the plant up. Rusted cobbled together plant and equipment, but it still runs due to sheer determination of the operators. Locals are very anti social to people who drive in from the coast or from the mainland. Two sayings are constantly used "No one can here you scream in the Mill" and "Bloody mainlanders". Couldn't pay me enough to go back.

JBarker on McArthur River Saturday 16th of September 2017

I worked there for one year,1997. Good plant, good people, good camp and good food, but that was when it was owned by MIM, I understand things may have changed a bit. Family hated the NT weather so had to leave.

JBarker on Mt Weld Saturday 16th of September 2017

Good site with good people and infrastructure. Apart from a few isolated people in the early days all departments work well together so the atmosphere is really positive around site. Granny smith camp is'nt very good as it is very old and the Mt Weld people are treated a bit like short term contractors. IF/When Lynas build their own camp it will be one of the best sites to work at.