Mohammad Azmin Minen

Mohammad Azmin Minen

Primary Job: 
Trades and Technicians
Biographical Information: 
Heavy duty plant mechanic for over ten years mainly worked on caterpillar machinery been based up in the pilbara

rated sites

Mohammad Azmin Minen on Woodie Woodie Friday 26th of June 2015

Good site to work on camp donga are old but maintained well gym is small but enough to get u through your swing, really good people to work with would happily go back and work there again

Mohammad Azmin Minen on Brockman 2 Friday 22nd of January 2016

Did a stint of nightshift out brockman 2 typical Rio site with all the paper work to organise before commencing work as a contractor on site. Stayed at the new nammuldi camp, must say by far the best camp iv ever stayed in rooms are properly set up for nightshift, best gym I've been too and the the food was really good, decent size crib facility would happily go back or even get a permanent position out there

Mohammad Azmin Minen on HI Yandi Friday 22nd of January 2016

Good crew to work for rooms were abit old, mess food was really good would not have a problem coming back